Installation Instructions

Adhesive Vinyl (wet mount)

You Will Need:
- plain paper towels (to dry surface)
- squirt bottle (filled w/ 80% water and 20% dish soap)
- squeegee/credit card (to remove air bubbles and water)
- a scraper (to remove dirt/dust from surface)

1. Wash area where you are going to stick the sign
- Do not use glass cleaner.
- We use plain rubber alcohol
2. Peel off the backing of the vinyl
3. Wet sticky side of vinyl (prevents sign from sticking until step 6)
4. Hang vinyl sign in desired location (you will be able to move it around)
5. Smooth sign (check everything is level and straight)
6. Squeegee sign from center outwards (removes excess water & makes sign stick)
7. Set the sign for about 24 hours to let the adhesive cure.

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